Pulling the birds


Feeding birds in the garden gives the best return on spend of anything I have done here. For less than £10 a month I now have a garden full of song provided by blackbirds, robins, a thrush, log-tailed, coal and blue tits, as well as chaffinches, goldfinches and most recently one greenfinch, bullfinches and siskins as regular visitors.

The latter are new to me. They are nothing much to look at, about the size of a blue tit, yellowish-green with bright yellow patches in the wings and tail. Their lovely song makes a welcome accompaniment to the happy twitterings of our goldfinches.

They all thrive on a good quality seed mix in one squirrel-proof feeder with another couple of handfuls scattered on the ground at the bottom of the garden each morning. I also have another feeder for nyger seed, and one more containing fat balls.


One of the young blackbirds from last year, checking out the bird table

At supermarkets I buy value bags of sultanas for the blackbirds and robins. A large handful goes on the bird table outside the living room door twice a day. If I am not out early enough in the morning they line up on the patio, looking through the glass doors accusingly, or hop up and down the wall outside the kitchen window if I’m there, until I have to stop what I’m doing to feed them.

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