Gardening Without Mum


Another reminder of mum will be empty jars of her home made marmalade, with handwritten labels. I use them for storing seeds in the greenhouse, and sometimes for cut flowers.

Just three days after posting last week’s piece about gardening with Mum, she suddenly passed away in hospital. Life from here on will be difficult – I not only have to face life without her, but eventually must give up the garden that I have enjoyed so much for the past 28 years..

 For now, my sisters and I have taken charge and will keep it looking as good as she would like it. We will open the garden with others in her village as planned in early July. Hopefully she will look down on us then, and think we managed to do a good job.

After that, I will collect seeds and divide plants from around the garden to give to her much loved friends in the village, as well as to the family to remember her by.

I have a head start, with lots of her treasures given in exchange for gardening services growing nicely in my own patch – they will provide some comfort there.

5 responses to “Gardening Without Mum

  1. Beautifully written Julia. So sorry to hear your sad news but what better reminder of someone than the plants that they have given you over the years. I still think of Mum when I see the hollyhocks she gave me. The colours don’t go with my garden’s colour scheme but I still keep them. I also have some oriental iris’ that found their way into my garden after Mum climbed over the fence into a neighbours garden, at night, to ‘rescue’ a clump from the bulldozers. Each year, when they flower they bring a smile to my face when I remember how they got here. Lots of love xx


  2. What a wonderful tribute to your dear Mum, Julia, and so very sad. But so lovely that you will still be able to open her garden as she planned, such a special and emotional day it will be I’m sure. She would surely have been so proud of you. Love x


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