Easy Garden Décor

lizard-potI am always looking for quick decoration ideas in the garden, as another way to make it more personal to me. I found these plastic lizards in a local toy shop a few years back and decided I could use them by sticking on the side of a terracotta pot – They are still there ten years later!

I have a few others that I put on containers of succulents and alpines for a joke – I’m not sure if they deter birds or cats, but they make me smile.


2 responses to “Easy Garden Décor

  1. I really like how you implemented the toy lizards into your garden decor! My wife and I love looking at garden decor for sale, and even things we can re-purpose for outside. I think that we can work on being more creative, and doing little things like your lizards for our garden decor!


    • Thank you Max. I am always looking out for things to use outside too. These were my response to seeing a lovely but expensive clay pot with lizards moulded onto the front.


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