Favourite Flower Friday

Rosa-banksiae-LuteaRosa banksiae ‘Lutea’

Today’s favourite flower is the yellow Banksian rose. Lovely, isn’t it? This was one of the first plants I bought for my garden here. It has only been in for one season, so I can forgive that the sum total of the flowers it has produced this year are on one stem, as shown in this detail.

I first saw this beautiful rambler scrambling up the back of my sister’s house in Kent. And Mum had a mature R. banksiae flowering all down one side of her garden, which really belonged to her neighbour, but preferred her side of the wall.

In my Kingston garden I had Rosa banksiae ‘normalis’ (the nursery had labeled it wrongly) but I found that this one had its own charms – fully evergreen, and very early flowers with pink stamens and a lovely delicate scent.

I am hoping that ‘Lutea’ will settle in its position next to my greenhouse, grow to its full 12-18 metres and fling itself over the greenhouse roof, providing some welcome shade for the summer months.


She is planted on the left of the greenhouse, behind the table

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