Favourite flower Friday

Just one stem, in a tiny glass vase in my greenhouse.

Just one stem, in a tiny glass vase in my greenhouse.

Geranium phaeum ‘Rose Madder’

Hardy geraniums abound in my garden, providing attractive low-maintenance ground cover and suppressing weeds at the back of the borders. I have my favourites though, whilst being ambivalent about others.

The phaeums can be thuggish, but I love G. phaeum ‘Rose Madder’ for its beautiful dusky pink flowers and bright green leaves.

The name of the colour is evocative. It is taken from the pigment of the same name that was used as a dye for fabrics in ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian times as far back as 1500 BC.

G. phaeum ‘Rose Madder’ was discovered by renowned cottage gardener and hardy geranium expert Trevor Bath at his nursery at Mayford near Woking 25 years ago. Strange to think I was just a few miles away then, at the start of my gardening adventure – I wish I had met him.

I have this plant dotted around at the back of borders and, as it has just finished flowering, I will chop right down to the ground ready to lift and divide for other gardeners to enjoy.

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