Favourite Flower Friday

Tree lily ‘Starburst’Tree lilies

I acquired these lovely oriental lilies from Thompson & Morgan several years ago. The bulbs and their offspring have travelled with me to three different gardens from that time. They pop up every year wherever they are, looking gorgeous and filling the air with beautiful scent. I find that lily beetles seem less likely to find them when they are planted in a densely packed herbaceous border (that’s my excuse anyway).

This deep pink one looks lovely planted in a large container along with Rosa ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ from David Austin roses and  a Clematis flammula by the front door. Their flowering times and differing perfumes overlap from spring to late autumn,  keeping my postman happy.tree-lily-2

4 responses to “Favourite Flower Friday

  1. These are beautiful Julia and though I’m not a great lover of lillies, I particularly like the second one, the colour is glorious. Also the blue flowers in the background. I’m a bit weird as my favourite ‘flowers’ are Echiums (I might have got this wrong!), but the ones that look a bit like thistles. I went to Kew Gardens many years ago, and they had whole borders of thistles. I was amazed by this as hitherto I assume you just cut down thistles and I was surprised anyone would grow them on purpose! Ever since, thistles have been my favourite flowers! But then I’m probably quite spikey myself!


  2. Oh yes, I agree with Barb. The second one is best especially planted with your lovely dark purple/blue buddliah (oops spelling!). I think you might mean echinops B, these are amongst my favourites too especially the very dark blue ones. Love your blogs btw Jules your photography is amazing, keep up the fantastic work!!


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