Buddleja Madness

Pink-PerfectionI have just done a quick inventory of all the buddlejas growing in my garden – shockingly I counted a total of 51 in a plot just 80x30ft and a tiny front garden. There are a few repeats – I have no less than seven of my favourite  B. davidii ‘Dartmoor’ and three ‘White Profusion’. White-ProfusionIf I like one I take cuttings from its prunings in late autumn, and before I know it they are everywhere. Amongst my collection I have some unusual and tender species, plus a couple of strange ones that I have grown on from seedlings found in the borders: My-new-buddleja

This lovely one has a ‘splash’ type of variegation,  whilst the one below has huge stiff flowers with side shoots that branch out all over the place.unidentified-buddlejaI have cultivated buddlejas in every garden I’ve had. Many grow quickly and are good for quickly adding height and a degree of privacy. They are invaluable for their long flowering time, sweet honey scent and for the huge amount of butterflies and bumble bees they attract. But left to their own devices they can sometimes become scruffy, so I make sure to keep on top of deadheading and removing faded leaves. I prune them regularly too, removing spent flowering stems, lower branches and shaping them into a pleasing arched shape that gives me plenty of room beneath for underplanting.

If you share my passion for buddliejas, the following website is inspirational as well as being an excellent resource:


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