Mini meadows

When we lived on the Lizard peninsula, our garden was huge by comparison to those we’ve had before and since. Previous owners had kept most of it as a large lawn, but I decided pretty quickly to make it over to a wildflower meadow- especially as there were so many beautiful wild flowers growing all around us. Within a year we had early purple orchids. Early-purple-orchid

Back now to my much smaller garden, I decided to do the reverse, and have a mini ‘meadow’ in a small rectangular bed surrounded by a swathe of green grass. I like the effect of a patch of frothy colour in the middle of a clipped lawn. Last year I simply scattered a tub of Suttons ‘Floral Fusions’ and this lot came

I now edit the bed throughout the year to provide different colour schemes.


Eschscholzia californica ‘Orange King’ with purple foxgloves abounded in spring.

Esch-&-foxglove Now that they have finished flowering, it is the turn of yellow and blue with cornflowers, yellow marigolds and borage, plus a Rudbeckia hirta that I must have planted there last year and forgotten about.

One response to “Mini meadows

  1. You’ve clearly got magic fingers Jules! I’ve tried scattering wild flower seeds many times and never seen a sausage!


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