Favourite Flower Friday

echinaceaEchinacea Purpurea

i long to have this beautiful plant all over my garden, but it just doesn’t want to be here.

I bought the one below last year and after photographing it here on the patio, planted it out where it seemed quite happy and looked gorgeous. It failed to resurface this year though.

echinacea-and-potsApparently this is not uncommon. Bob Brown, renowned plantsman and owner of Cotswold Garden Flowers, puts it down to the mild wet winters we get here, and suggests we could grow them as annuals to avoid disappointment.

I may just do that, as it would be cheaper and more interesting to grow lots of them from seed. So next year I will sow them very early for maximum growth (and hopefully flowers!) before they succumb to whatever it is that leads to their demise.

Any that do survive to the following year will be a bonus.

Postscript: Thompson & Morgan Have just the right selection of Echinacea seeds – ‘Magic Box’ in their latest seed catalogue.

2 responses to “Favourite Flower Friday

  1. I’ve never had any luck with Echinacea in my Devon garden, which is a little unnerving because it grew like weeds in my Missouri garden. I’ve given it up for a lost cause. Good thing there are so many other wonderful flowers willing to make my garden their home. : D


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