Sunday story

Annie-on-patioIntroducing Annie

I thought it was about time I shared this picture of my next-door neighbour’s cat.

Annie is a posh cat. She swans around my garden as if she owns it, and is photographed here in her favourite spot, on the sunny wooden decking at the top of our garden.

A couple of weeks back, I tackled a rampant grape vine that grows over the pergola. As it was a lovely warm day, Annie sat here and watched the whole process with interest. Her housemate, (Queenie, an equally rotund and lovely ginger tabby) gave the show a miss – sadly she rarely visits after I mistakenly shut her in the shed for ten minutes two years ago.

I love Annie. She never bothers to chase birds, nor does she make a mess in my borders – but just sometimes chooses keep me company when I am busy gardening, and she fancies a change from her own patch.

4 responses to “Sunday story

  1. What a gorgeous cat. It’s always good to have feline company when gardening especially if they’re not interested in the birds. 😉


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