Favourite Flower Friday

Eryngium-&-EchinaceaEryngium giganteum ‘Miss Willmott’s Ghost’. This striking perennial has attractive grey-green foliage and looks lovely in my garden next to the bright green of my euphorbia. The plant is aptly named, for at dusk its silver-white flowers take on a ghostly luminosity.eryngium-1

‘Miss Willmott’s Ghost’ has a fascinating history, and another reason for its name, being one of many new species of plants introduced by the keen amateur horticulturalist Ellen Willmott (1858 – 1934).

She was a lady of considerable means and a big spender too, investing much of her fortune on (wisely, I think) on plant-hunting expeditions and gardeners for her estate. In latter years though, she lost much of her wealth and became a bit odd.

The story that she carried the seeds of this lovely thistle in her pockets to scatter in fellow-gardeners’ borders before they could stop her, makes me smile – an early example of guerilla gardening perhaps?

My dear friend Barbara loves sea hollies, so I will be taking seeds of this in my pocket when I visit her new garden in Devon next spring.eryngium2

One response to “Favourite Flower Friday

  1. It’s gorgeous! Plus I’ve been mentioned in dispatches! Fame at last! That white eryngium is now officially my all-time favourite plant! Thanks Julia! bxx


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