Tomato Troubles

pkdtomsplateWhy can’t I grow tomatoes from seed? I have a sunny greenhouse and all the time needed to sow the seeds, nurture seedlings and provide good watering and feeding regimes, but I never get a big crop of delicious tomatoes.

Carolyns-tomsMy sister Carolyn has lots of lovely toms in her greenhouse. She swaps plants with friends in her village so they all get to grow a good mix of varieties and flavours.ripeningtomsMine look nice enough to photograph, but they generally end up as chutney.

This year I even tried a grafted tomato, but it developed blight on its first fruit. However, the three ‘Gardener’s Delight’ seedlings at 20p each from our village plant fair have fared better and provided me with a couple of platefuls so far.gardeners-delightFrom now on that’s where I will source my tomato plants, freeing up my seed trays to grow something rather more exotic.

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