Favourite flower friday

Rose-Ena-HarknessRose ‘Ena Harkness’ This beautiful rose was already climbing up the front wall of our house when we moved here. She must have been growing there for many years, for in the ground next to her I found the original and very old metal plant label engraved with her name.

Ena was not in a good way though, so I gave her a hard prune and have fed her with generous amounts of well-rotted manure every few months. My reward has been a single perfect bloom produced almost consecutively over the last two years, whatever the season. She smells divine, sweet but with lemon overtones, and her petals look as if they may have been fashioned from the deepest crimson velvet.Ena-2

2 responses to “Favourite flower friday

  1. How wonderful to have such a gorgeous splash of colour in the current gloom, weather and news wise. What a cheerer-upper!


  2. Roses are my favourite plants. At a previous house I had a rose garden with all old roses, Rambling Rector up the walls the Jacobite rose and many more everyone used to comment on the lovely garden and the heady scent. A few months after I had sold the house I drove by to see the garden had been ripped up and concreted over. My heart bled.


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