Champion Tree

Q-tree-2Of all the 27 trees I have planted in my garden, this Quince tree ‘Champion’ is my favourite. Purchased just two years ago, it has quickly grown to be a handsome specimen in the middle of my plot.

quince-blossomIn spring it bears blossom with large flowers of the palest pink, then after pollination the pear shaped downy fruits start to develop, growing to a huge size and ripening to a bright yellow colour in autumn. In its first year my quince produced just one fruit – this year I harvested 26.Quince-fruitpicked-quinces

A quick search online gave me lots of ideas of what to do with them. Last week I made quince compote (lovely served warm with vanilla custard or ice cream). Next week the rest will be made into chutney, with a few reserved for a small amount of experimental quince vodka. A couple have split and these were placed in the greenhouse, where their exotic perfume still fills the air.Q-in-greenhse

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