Tulip display

tulip-display-1bLast October I planted up a favourite pot with tulip ‘La Belle Epoque’, (thank you, Suttons), along with black hyacinths on the patio and then duly forgot about it.black-hyacinthsA few weeks ago I had a show of the hyacinths looking well with the pale jade green of the tulip buds. The hyacinths finished as the tulips started to take colour, and were deadheaded.patio-with-tulipsOnce I could see the tulips were going to be apricot in colour, I surrounded them with pots of foliage that I always have to hand for creating displays. Heuchera ‘Ginger Peach’ and ‘Cherry Cola’, (thank you Mum), Stipa tenuissima and a favourite houseleek in an old cup on this occasion.

open-tulipWhen the tulips opened, the dark markings inside exactly matched the heuchera leaves.

t-display2And as they started to go over, they reminded me of those wonderful Dutch flower paintings, just like the ones I had been admiring the week before in an exhibition at currently showing at the National Gallery:


fading-tulipsNext week my tulips will have done their thing, and I’ll be looking for another focal point and a new arrangement to put in its place.




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