Buddleia Julia?

autumn-buddAs mentioned in a previous blog, two years ago I found an unusual buddleia that had grown from seed in one of my veg beds. It looks unlike any other I have seen, and continues to thrive. It has a splash like variegation, narrow leaves and a lax habit, and as I write this in late November, has yet to drop any of its leaves.

Last week I decided to email photographs of it to Thompson & Morgan, to see if they might be interested. I was pleased to receive a speedy reply asking me to send cuttings for them to trial at their grounds, where they will grow them on to see if the plants come true to the parent plant, and for their experts to judge if it is as good as I think it is!

budd-cuttingsI took several heel cuttings, wrapping the ends in damp kitchen roll and placing them in a clear zip folder with air holes punched in. They went into a padded envelope stiffened with card, along with a photograph and my completed plant trials form. Then it was a quick march into town to catch the lunchtime post – the sooner they get there the better.

I expect it will take years to know if my buddleia is successful, but meanwhile I have propagated it for myself to see how the cuttings develop in my own cottage garden, and keeping my fingers crossed for Buddleia Julia!


For more information on plant breeding at home from T&M see:


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