Favourite ‘f’ words

felco-secsNot those! Mine are names of the makers of my most treasured gardening tools, Felco and Fiskars.

Felco secateurs are legendary – incredibly efficient with a vast range for all strengths of cut and different sizes of hands. They have replaceable parts too, and Felco runs an efficient mail-order repair service. They also make what I think are the best garden snips – so easy for deadheading and tidying thin stems. I never go out gardening without them.


For the rest of my garden tools I head to Fiskars. They have a wonderful range for trimming, lopping and shearing with blades made from corrosion-resistant steel. There are versions with clever extendable handles, and for cutting through thicker branches I rely on their ‘PowerGear’ range, with a patented mechanism that makes cutting so much easier. No overhanging branch is safe in my garden!

fiskarsFiskars tick all my boxes for their great Scandinavian design and constant innovation. This year they introduced a new range of lightweight tools for digging, weeding raking and other gardening tasks – just what I need as I get older and find all of those jobs more difficult.

More about my favourite tools here:




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