Some Festive Spirit

making-wrThe last few days have been spent thinking about making Christmas wreaths from my garden.There has been much around to inspire me – I photographed these gorgeous ones at Petersham Nursery in Richmond the other week…


p2-wreath…This one was on a front door in Petworth…

pet-wreath…And my gardening pal, (and fellow CGS member), Bec, made this one at the annual wreath making session with her village friends – lovely!bec-wreath

My efforts are not in the same league, but it was nice to have a morning rummaging around the garden, followed by an afternoon in the greenhouse making them up.


3 responses to “Some Festive Spirit

  1. Lovely wreaths, Julia! And I am rather jealous of your trip to Petersham Nurseries. We had a magical lunch on a foggy Christmas Eve there a while ago.


  2. These are fabulous. What a good idea to photograph them so we can see different types. I’ve never really thought about having a wreath on the door. I might have a go now!


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