Counting Flowers at Christmas

seedheadsfsChristmas Day is almost here. It may be a busy or stressful day for some, for others a quiet and lonely one. In any event, a lovely thing to do on the day is to take half an hour to look around your garden to count the flowers that are in bloom on Christmas Day.

mums-rose2This old gardening tradition has been revived by The Cottage Garden Society. Some of our members make lists and send them to me, where the longest or most unusual flowers noted may be published on our website or in our quarterly journal. It is interesting to compare the results both geographically and over the years.

In my county we have had a very mild winter so far, and I am expecting some surprises!

opium-poppy-black-peony2You can post your findings on our Facebook or Twitter pages  – a nice way to share your Christmas Day garden with fellow Cottage Gardeners.

Happy Christmas everyone!  Julia


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