O Christmas tree

x-decsNow that Christmas is over for another year, I’m spending today taking down all the decorations, which includes carefully disrobing my lovely living Christmas tree and taking it outdoors. This time we decided to try a small dwarf conifer that I can keep for at least another year in a pot and bring inside again next Christmas.

decorated-treeI was impressed with Lubera, the mail order plant company that I discovered earlier this year, so when I saw the various ideas for living Christmas trees they had to offer I contacted them. They sent me a lovely dwarf Serbian spruce in a 10-litre pot, just the right size for us when placed on a side table.

My dwarf spruce is compact and densely branched with attractive deep green foliage, which is pale underneath. It has survived well indoors, but will be much happier now outside, where it will make a good solid evergreen backdrop for my patio container displays.


Lubera are now closed until Feb, but their website is nice to look at in winter! http://www.lubera.co.uk/


One response to “O Christmas tree

  1. The tree looks super, Julia. And you’re so organised with your decorations, very impressive. I just chuck all mine in a bag and then wonder why they’re broken the next year. I didn’t even think to find a box to put them in. Genius!


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