Rocket Gardens

Veg-bedFor those like me who have a vegetable garden but neither the time nor the room to grow hundreds of seeds, prick them out and nurture young plants properly until ready to plant out, Rocket Gardens have a good alternative solution.

This innovative Cornwall based company offers a delivery service of comprehensive collections or a pick & mix option of ready-grown vegetable garden seedlings.

v-gdnTheir ‘Family Favourites’ garden priced at £39.99 was trialled by my sister last year. She told me it was packed full of healthy seedlings comprising of ten of each of rocket, beetroot, mixed lettuce, seed potatoes, peas, leeks, carrots, chard & spinach, and five of runner beans, green beans, calabrese, cucumber, kale, tomatoes & courgettes. They proved to be a great success with her family, especially her young grandson who thoroughly enjoyed helping to plant them out, then seeing how much they had grown before finally eating them on his numerous visits!

beansThere are several different types and sizes of vegetable plant collections to choose from, the larger ones can be expensive but sharing would cut the cost considerably. You can see them and order from their website at

In spring, when they are ready to be planted outside, customers receive notification by email and then a box full of veg seedlings together with a full growing guide with tips and advice will be delivered.

After another season of vegetable growing disappointment with my three veg beds ending up mainly full of flowers and shrub cuttings, I think I should give Rocket Gardens a go myself this year.



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