My favourite plants of the year

IMG_7054This year has seen the arrival of several new additions to my garden. Amongst them I have discovered some new treasures that have delighted me. I am most grateful to the suppliers for sending me samples for review.

Best Flowers: Carnation ‘Green Magma’ from Woolmans (above). I love green flowers and this carnation has the best I have seen. The plants bulked up quickly and the flowers lasted for ages – they even looked good when they died back in winter. I’d imagine this is a wonderful plant for flower arrangers.

img_6474.jpgDahlia ‘Maroon Fox’ from Woolmans. I fell in love with dahlias this year – I had no idea how easy they are to please and how much they would extend the flowering season in my garden. The rich deep red colour of ‘Maroon Fox’ looked wonderful romping away at the back of one of my veg beds…img_9276.jpgalong with Sunflower ‘Italian White’ & Nasturtium ‘Crimson Emperor’, both grown from seed from Thompson & Morgan. The sunflower grew well in pots and in my veg bed, bearing multiple blooms from 5ft stems that flowered throughout summer right up to first frosts. The nasturtium made a lovely underplanting for the sunflower along with the dahlia in my veg bed.IMG_6562Best Veg: Aubergine ‘Scorpio’ grafted plant from Dobies. A very robust and prolific aubergine, and my first ever success with this vegetable! I would definitely get this one again.img_6696.jpgRunner bean ‘Celebration’ seeds from Suttons. This is without doubt the best runner bean I have grown. The flowers are a beautiful salmon pink colour and the foliage bright green. I had my best ever harvest of runner beans – and they tasted good too! Deservedly awarded an AGM from the RHS.img_4905.jpgFor pictures and comments on more of my favourite plants in my garden throughout the year, please visit my Instagram gallery at:

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  1. A lovely reminder of summer on a dreary New Year’s Day! Thanks for posting this. Here’s to a great growing season in 2018. Ruth


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