Yellow Fever

D1Swathes of daffodils look lovely in huge gardens but because my plot is quite small I just grow the miniature varieties.

soaptindafFor years my favourite has been ‘Tête-à-Tête’ – I have bought pots of them each spring and after photographing them in a decorative setting, planted them out at the front of the borders. Last year I bought several other varieties. They include Narcissi ‘Jet Fire’ ‘Hawera’ and ‘Jack Snipe’. All have made lovely additions to the garden.

D5D2D3On Good Friday I ventured out after a rainy night to find every single daffodil in flower – a river of bright yellow in the morning sunlight.

Looking at them now with a more critical eye, I think that once they have finished flowering I will move several clumps further back in the borders where the soil is bare at this time of year where they can multiply to make an even more fabulous display.

My front garden does have the larger daffs, planted by a previous owner, that line the path to our front door. As always the windy weather has blown them over, which gives me the opportunity to pick them for indoors – they brighten the kitchen considerably!daffs-inside



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