Pretty and compact Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle-Chic and ChocI received this Honeysuckle ‘Chic and Choc’ for review from Suttons earlier this year. Available by mail order, when mine arrived I was concerned that it looked a little small and sad – often the case I find with mail order plants.

But just a few weeks after potting it on into a larger container with good compost and slow release fertiliser, it put on healthy growth and flowered profusely in year one. Honeysuckle ‘Chic and Choc’ is ideal for small gardens, with a  height of just 60-100cm (24-36″), and spread to 120cm (4′). It is supplied in a 2 litre pot.

2 responses to “Pretty and compact Honeysuckle

  1. Good morning, can I use the Lonicer Chic and Choc photo in my online store? Please, let me know. Thank you Best Regards Bogdan Perkowski


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